About us

About us

Simplex is a global software outsourcing company based in Argentina that forms full-stack development teams with companies around the world. We believe that it’s necessary for our projects to run smoothly without any delays, and as such employ the use of Agile methodologies in our work. By utilizing an optimized Scrum framework that molds itself into the requirements of each individual project, we involve you in every single one of our tasks and overall progress, to ensure that the app can be seen as it’s being developed on a weekly or even daily basis. This will allow for a dynamic project where we can change or add features on-the-fly.

Our team is full of enthusiastic, young developers who are up to speed on the current challenges and needs companies must meet for their products to be the best on the market. We work with companies who now have major social applications released, some with even 3 million daily active users a day!

The majority of our current business partners are based in North America, as they’ve discovered that our close proximity in time zones ensures that we are always available for calls and meetings, and that our team is equipped with advanced English speakers – even native ones – so communication barriers aren’t ever an issue with us. Our sales team, project managers and developers are even available to travel to your city when the need arises.

Why outsource in Argentina and work with us? Here are just some of the main reasons:


Our sales team, project managers, developers and even executive team travel frequently to work together with our business partners. Furthermore, we encourage our clients to come visit our offices in Buenos Aires to meet the full development team, as we believe it's important to meet face-to-face whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Cultural Parallels

Everyone that travels to Buenos Aires is struck by the resemblance to Western culture, be it the people, mannerisms or architecture. Similarly, our work culture is defined by related ideals to the American work culture, which plays an immense role in the collaborative work environments we look to create.

Latest Technologies

By working with companies primarily in the US, we work on projects that use the latest technologies, languages and frameworks. From data science, to unique crypto-currencies to native applications, we make sure we stay up to date on the latest technologies.


English skill proficiency is #27 worldwide, and #1 throughout all Latin American countries (EF EPI index). It's taught in Argentina starting in primary/elementary school, and most secondary/high schools have mandatory English classes. International companies like Simplex provide English lessons to all employees as well.


Did you know that most universities are free in Argentina? Even the most prestigious schools like the UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires). Education has always been a priority for the Argentine government, and there is an endless amount of technical schools for careers and courses related to programming and computer science.

Work experience

Argentina is the third largest economy in Latin America, after Mexico and Brazil. In the past two decades, the tech industry in Argentina has boomed and is constantly growing. As such, developers in the past 10+ years have had tremendous opportunities to learn and gain experience in various fields and offer their knowledge to US-based companies.