We know there will be changes, naturally. Changes are always necessary and it is therefore crucial to have efficient solutions available on time. Under this agreement, we propose short-term product development; thus, there will always be a stable release ready to be made available to the user or end consumer. Through our win-win collaboration agreement, we focus on creating medium and long term productive relationships aimed at success. We understand that sufficient time is needed for the product and its objectives to mature, and it is required to interact with the parts already developed, in order, according to the value that these grant the business. You will get quick short-term feedback, through which we will promote the adjustment of the product as well as the work processes and relationships involved. You will have the power to act, accordingly. Features: You will prioritize the objectives of the project based on the value that these contribute to it, and you will review the product in every cycle. You will be able to check and verify if the actual product already developed is aligned to your expectations, through continual and quick feedback, allowing us to make the necessary adjustments in time.

We provide our clients a specialized team dedicated to QA and testing throughout the entire development process, product or particular instance. We specialize in: Manual Testing: Funtional Testing, UI Testing, Integration Testing, Acceptance testing, Exploratory testing and test cases development. Automation Testing: we carry out Performance Testing, Stress Testing, Unit testing, Functional testing for Web platforms, desktop platforms or smart phones. Others: Usability Testing, Compatibility Testing. Features: You can count on our testing services to verify, analyze and ensure the quality of the product.

We provide a dedicated team consistent with your needs through which you will achieve your goals, not only for the development of a particular product or application, but also for the outsourcing of your IT department, the team assuming full responsibility for research and the development of such area itself. We consider this model to be optimal when the client wants full control of the product development and resources management. You will only contract the time, resources and materials employed during the period requested. Features: Complete control of costs, deadlines and risks. It is optimal for large products or undefined requirements.

Through this model, we provide an agreement of mutual commitment in which, given certain needs, we sign the initial specifications with the objective to ensure that everything agreed will be carried out as specified. After a mid-term review of the documentation and the final product acceptance, you will obtain the expected result under the costs and time projected. In case you need to make changes on the requirements not yet developed, you will be able to adapt the remaining budget as needed. Features: Greater costs control. Stipulated deadlines. Mid / high risks. Not recommended for changes. Only small products.

Quality policy

The SIMPLEX SOFTWARE Management Board is committed to comply with this Quality Policy, as well as all applicable laws and regulations, establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving its Quality Management System, aware that any organization should seek the excellence to successfully complete, grow and improve the quality of life of all its members, working within a framework of integrity while doing business. Technical Excellence, reflected through the innovation, technology, methodology and results of the projects we develop. Trust and long-term relationship with the client, based on the commitment to its objectives and the added value of the solutions generated, satisfying their requirements and expectations, contributing to the improvement in their business processes. Human quality, based on constant motivation and collaboration, interaction and recognition of performance, with strong focus on group unity.